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Rafael Matías Tejidos. In fabrics since 1957

We work for private and professional fashion textile sector. Our mission is to select the best fabrics , the most current and adapt to the needs of our customers by serving the footage they need, according to your needs. .

Our philosophy

For the Rafael Matías team fabrics are not just a job. They are also the means that allow us to be present in the fashion world, and in this way be part of our social and cultural evolution.
The hard work, making clothes from a cut of fabric, we leave to our clients.

We invite you visit our blog “Between Fabrics”.

Allende Salazar Palace

We have a point of sales open to the public in a unique establishment in Bilbao’s Casco Viejo, Calle Correos 14, where individuals and professionals can come, see and buy our fabrics.
In our building’s 2000 mwe also have our warehouse, shipping center and offices.

How to get

Arturo Elena

Arturo Elena is one of the most popular fashion illustrators in Spain. His illustrations have represented large fashion companies around the world. This includes Roberto Verino, Loewe, Carrera y Carrera and Custo Barcelona while also collaborating in top publications, he is also in charge of illustrating the cover page for Rafael Matías Tejidos’ samples since 1996.

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